Ilianamaria Alvarado, is an academy- educated and highly experienced classical dancer.  Her inspirations are drawn from contemporary and historical dance and on a variety of ethnic traditions.
IIianamaria made her professional reputation by pioneering a series of concerts introducing innovative forms of jazz to the public and showcasing contemporary and classical musicians. This led to her widespread participation in concerts, festivals and independent artistic collaborations. Ilianamaria is a choreographer for theatre, ballet, dance and opera performances, TV programs, films, events. She leads dance lessons, both individual and group programs and teaches workshops. 

My approach to the ballet classes is based on Cuban Ballet School, Russian Vaganova, French Ballet School and Cecchetti.
The main objectives in my teaching are:  
- to achieve consciousness of the body geometry and the ruling physical laws
- overcome  and unblock   limitations and understand the process
- to awaken the directions and connections inside and outside the body and mind
The accompaniment of music, rhythm and the music of silence permits us to enter into the process of “...body drawing in the space leaving traces ...inside and outside, visible and invisible...”