The creator of Ilyadanse choreographic studio, Ilianamaria Alvarado, is an academy- educated and highly experienced classical dancer.  Her inspirations are drawn from contemporary and historical dance and on a variety of ethnic traditions.
IIianamaria made her professional reputation by pioneering a series of concerts introducing innovative forms of jazz to the public and showcasing contemporary and classical musicians. This led to her widespread participation in concerts, festivals and independent artistic collaborations. Ilianamaria is a choreographer for theatre, ballet, dance and opera performances, TV programs, films, events. She leads dance lessons, both individual and group programs and teaches workshops. She is licensed GYROTONIC® instructor PTCU and JSB.
1979                      Escuela Nacional de Arte in Havana (Cuba)
                              Diploma: Prelude from the ballet "Les Sylphides" by Fokine;
                              Eastern dance from the ballet "Nutcracker," choreography A. Mendez.
1979/81                Two-year internship at the Ballet Nacional de Cuba (directed by Alicia Alonso) under the supervision of Laura Alonso,                               Alicia Alonso, Alberto Mendez, Joaquin Banegas, and other Maitres de Ballet.
1982/83               Summer internships in Barcelona and Tarragona (Spain).
                              Pedagogues: Barbara Kasprowicz, Gerard Wilk, Serge Golovine, Rosella Hightower.
 Together with the Liceo de Barcelona group performs dances choreographed by B. Kasprowicz to music by              Granados and own choreography to the "Buss und Reu" aria from "St. Matthew Passion" by J.S. Bach.
1984                       Six-month scholarship granted by the French government (Paris); individual lessons with Serge Golovine, classes
                               with Gerard Wilk, Andrzej Glegolski and Gilbert Meyer.
1988                       Two-month internship at the Ballet Royal Wallonnie Charleroi (Belgium) under the tutorship of Menia Martinez,
                               Wojciech Rybak, Jorge Lefevre.
1996                       One-month stay in Hawaii; hula dance lessons (Ulu Zuttermeister), Korean dance lessons (Mary Jo Freshley),
                              Japanese and Chinese dance lessons (Diane Letoto).
2001                      ProSeries workshop with Ko Murobushi (buttoh dance) at the ImpulsTanz Vienna International Dance Festival.
2004/2005         4-month pedagogical internship at Centre National de la Danse in Paris                                     
                                (scholarship funded by the French Government).
2007                  French diploma awarded to recognized artists in order to teach ballet.
2008/10           Individual Pilates classes with Ian King and Gerry Edwards and Gyrotonic at Studio 74 Group Pilates classes with
                         Avigail Ben- Ari, Belsize Pilates Studio (both in London) .
GYROTONIC® certifications:
2011              Licensed Gyrotonic instructor
2011             Level I Gyrotonic Expansion System 
2012             Jumping Stretching Board specialized Training
2015             pre Level 2 program1

2016             Level 2 program 1
1994                       "Dancing at Lughnasa" directed by Judy Friel, Teatr Powszechny, Warsaw
1997                       "Miss Tutli Putli" directed by K. Janda, Teatr Powszechny, Warsaw
                                "Love Parade" directed by R. Straub, Teatr Rozmaitosci, Warsaw
                                "Klatkiewicz Paranoic Opera" directed by J. Ostaszkiewicz, Teatr Muzyczny, Gdynia
1998                       "Kordian" directed by J. Ostaszkiewicz, Teatr Wspolczesny, Wroclaw
1999                       "Genesis of the Spirit," multimedia opera based on J. Slowacki, directed by M. Krzyzanowski, Opera House in Lodz
2000                       "Jealousy" directed by J. Prochyra, Teatr Nowy, Warsaw
                                "The Magic Flute" by W. A. Mozart, directed by R. Skolmowski, Opera House in Lodz
                                "Dialogs of the Carmelites" by F. Poulenc, directed by K. Kelm, Opera House in Lodz
                                "Echnaton" by P. Glass, directed by H. Baranowski, Opera House in Lodz
 2002                  "Falstaff" by G. Verdi, directed by W. Biedron, Opera House in Lodz
 2003                 "Cavalleria Rusticana" P. Mascagni, directed by M. Lazarkiewicz, Opera House in Lodz
2004                  “I Pagliacci” R. Leoncavallo, directed by M. Lazarkiewicz, Opera House in Lodz
2004                 “The Land of Smiles” F. Lehar, directed by J. Ostaszkiewicz, Capitol Musical
                           Theater in Wrocław
2012                  “Ach Odessa Mama”, directed by J. Szurmiej. Co- choreography with J. Szurmiej at the Jewish Theater in Warsaw 
2013                  Timothy Daly “Kafka Dances”, directed by L. Mackiewicz, music Piotr Moss at the Jewish Theater in Warsaw 
1991                       "Peter and the Wolf" by S. Prokofiev with students of Laboratorio Teatrale in Agrigento, Sicily
1993                       Fragment of the "II Symphony" by G. Mahler with students of the National Dance School in Kingston (Jamaica)
1994                       "Three Elements" and "Duo," music by K. Knittel with students of the Ballet School in Lodz (Poland)
1995                       "Valleys and Mountains," music by M. Krzyzanowski, pas de deux performed by the Ballet School in Lodz at the
                                Helsinki Ballet Competition
1999                       Solo "Dance" from the opera "Dido and Aeneas" by H. Purcell performed by students of the Ballet School in
2004                   “Totaly Translucent”, music by M. Krzyzanowski, ballet performance based on the life of Edith Stein, Opera
                               House in Wrocław.
Jazz Jamboree '83
Leipzig Jazz Festival '84
Theater Festival in Santarcangelo '84
India Festival '86
Contemporary Music Festival in Havana '87
WRO Festival '94 and '96
Theater Festival in Kielce '94
Art Festival in Cracow '95 and '96
Art Festival in Slupsk '95 and '96
Incontri di Serra Magiori Nocara '96
Warsaw Literature Days '96
Audio Art Festival in Cracow '97
"Ate-Apocalypsis"                                  - 35 mm, music by J.M. Jarre, 1982
"In the Mirror"                                                      - 35 mm, music by M. Krzyzanowski, 1988
"Scattered Islands"                                               - video project produced by Bikont-Krzyzanowski-Siwecki, 1988
"Music of Forgotten Cultures"                             - video project produced by Alvarado-Rossi-Krzyzanowski, 1990
"Women"                                                                - television performance based on Shakespeare, 1988
"Sono-Visual Project"                                            - video produced by Pagnotta-Krzyzanowski-Levine, 1990
"Dressing and Tuning"                                         - ballet film, 1991
"Under the Volcano"                                             - theater performance, 1991             
"Tiger"                                                                    - television film by T. Slawek, B. Mizerski, 1993
"Mandala of Art, Day III: Air"                              - television performance, 1993
"Peer Gynt"                                                            - choreography for TV ballet performance, 1994
"Chiuso x 3"                                                           - choreography for three dancers for the "Destructive Cocktail" theater
                                                                                  performance broadcast on TV as performed by the author, 1994
"Tombstones, Totems,
 Etchings, Dances"                                                - TV production, 1996
"Madness and Devastation"                                - TV production, 1998
"Music Type: Terra"                                              - TV production, 1998
"VII Meditations"                                                  - TV production, 1999
"Three Dances"                                                     - video dance, TV production, 1999
“The Queen of the Night”                          - video dance, music J.K.Farah, produced by AKME, 2012/ILYADANSE
1981/83                                                                Corps de ballet dancer at the Grand Theater in Warsaw.
                                                                                Solo part in Spanish dance in "Swan Lake" under the supervision of H. Chojnacka.
1984/85                                                                Dancer at the Silva Rerum Dance Theater in Cracow.  Dances choreographed by
                                                                                R. Kuzniecowa, E. Wycichowska, M. Zak.
1985/88                                                                Solo dancer at the Warsaw Operetta Theater in Warsaw
                                                                                -- Pas de deux in "Lyrical Duet" and waltz in "The Merry Widow" by F. Lehar                                                                                                   choreographed by H. Rutkowski.
                                                                                -- Pas de deux in "The Pearl and the Fisherman" in "Night in Venice" by J. Strauss                                                                                        choreographed by H. Rutkowski
                                                                                -- Pas de deux in waltz in "Chardash Princess" by E. Kalman choreographed by
                                                                                   E. Wesolowski
                                                                                All performances supervised by R. Kuzniecowa.
1988/92                                               Ballet and choreography classes held within the frameworks of the Laboratorio
                                                              Teatrale at the Pirandello Theater in Agrigento (Sicily).
1995                                                      Ballet classes held at a private dance school in Bremen (Germany).
1997 onwards                                    Regular dance classes with groups and individuals in Warsaw.
2000                                                   Opening of the choreographic studio  Mind of Body/ ILYADANSE
2004                                                Afrolatino dance workshop during the International Dance Workshops in Poznań ( Poland).
                                                         Heads Afro Latino and Barre au Sol classes at the Dance Studio of the Ballet Schoool in                                                                             Warsaw
                                                          Choreographic performance of the ILYADANSE studio entitled  "Omnipresent Light" at the                                                                      Rozmaitosci Theater in Warsaw  (11 December)
                                                       Choreographic performance of the ILYADANSE Studio entitled “Flowers in the Desert” at the                                                                  Rozmaitosci Theater I Warsaw (18 June) and “Brightness of Light” (3 December)
2007                                             “Palace Joyeuse” on 10 June on the big stage of the Polonia
                                                     Theater in Warsaw in collaboration with the Foundation
                                                       ABCXXI- All of Poland Reads to Kids, within the frameworks of
                                                    the “Reading Develops Imagination” project produced with the
                                                    support of the Minisry of Culture and National Heritage.                 
                                                   “Brightness of Light” (16 December) at the ILYADANSE studio.
2008                                                 “Brightness of Light” (13 January) on the big stage of the
                                                         Polonia Theater in Warsaw in collaboration with the
                                                         Foundation ABCXXI- All of Poland  Reads to Kids, within the
                                                         frameworks of the “Reading Develops Imagination” project
                                                         produced with the support of the Polish Ministry of Culture
                                                         and National Heritage.On 1 June at the ILYADANSE studio
                                                        “Children of the Light”(based on “Peter and the Wolf”
                                                         by S. Prokofiev)                          
                                                      July: Training art prevention (workshop organized by
                                                        Grzegorz Jach). This yearly workshop successfully
                                                       channels the energies of young people into artistic
In the frame of lLYADANSE now ILYAQUANTUM 
2009/11                                      London: teaching ballet, floor barre and Gyrotonic 
                                                     Paris: on March and September teach ballet at CEASC and at
                                                     Magenia Studio
2011/2012                                 Establishment ILYAQUANTUM Foundation,
                                                  The Academy of Intercultural Communication
2012/14                                    teaching ballet at the American School of Warsaw, Christmas
                                                 Performance, “Waltz of the Flowers“ at the ASW American School of
                                                 Warsaw Theater, Ballet and floor barre workshop at the Dance Studio
                                                 of Ballet Schol in Warsaw.
                                                  GYROTONIC® at the Oasis Club /Holmes in Hyatt Regent Hotel
2014/  2016                      Berlin: ballet and floor barre Methode Kniasieff and profi  ballet classes
                                                at the Center of Dance, Placement Dance studio, Marameo.
                                               GYROTONIC® Ladore BallettStudio and Westin Spa Berlin
                                                Warsaw: production and choreographies in the American School  of
                                               Warsaw Christmas and End school year performances with the
                                               participation of  ASW dance students and the musicians of the Chopin
                                              Academy of Music in Warsaw.  
own dance performer & ballet dancer 
1982/83                           Series of concerts: With contrabassist H. Nadolski in a duo and with an orchestra featuring, among                                                     others, K. Knittel, A. Przybielski, A. Biezan. M. Krzyzanowski, Z. Piernik (Warsaw, Wroclaw, Gdansk).
1983/88                 "Center Music Art Association" to music by B. Schaeffer, M. Choloniewski, M. Krzyzanowski
                                "Independent Studio of Electro-Acoustic Music" (K. Knittel, A. Biezan, P. Szymanski, S. Krupowicz, M. Litwinski                                      and other composers).
                                  "Swieta Racja" (A. Mitan, A. Przybielski, M. Krzyzanowski)
1983/84                                                                With harpist U. Mazurek to music by B. Schaeffer and ancient music.
1984/85                                                                With trumpeter T. Stanko.
1984                                                                       Performance with sculptor R. Piegza at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris.
                                                                                Three-part solo recital at the Old Theater in Cracow with musicians-composers 
                                                                                M. Krzyzanowski, S. Kulpowicz and a group of rock musicians.
1985                                                                       Dances to silence among sculptured tableaux by A. Szewczyk at the Silesian University in Cieszyn.
                                                                                Cooperation with the Stara Prochownia Theater in Warsaw:
                                                                                -- Appearance in "Kamasutra" directed by W. Siemion;
                                                                                -- Choreographic performance "Before Night" to music by M. Krzyzanowski.
1985/86                                                                With pianist S. Kulpowicz choreographic performance "Elements."
                                                                                With poet T. Slawek and contrabassist B. Mizerski, where word is the inspiration.
1986                                                              "Eka Documentation"by M. Krzyzanowski at the Studio Theater in Lodz, Teatr Kameralny                                                                        in Cracow, and in Maastricht.
1987                                                       "Dream Mirror," choreographic opera with music by M. Krzyzanowski at Piwnica na
                                                                Wojtowskiej and in India (Acra, Bombay, Delhi).
1988                                              Appears as independent solo dancer at the Nuovo Teatro di Cracovia -- nine-week tour of Italy in                                                  "Chardash Princess" and "The Merry Widow" directed by C. Rivolta and G. Warchol to choreography                                                   by H. Rutkowski I. Alvarado.
1992/94                                                                Tour of Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria and Norway with the Warsaw
                                                                               Operetta ballet supervised by E. Jaron.
1993/94                                                                Dance performances in Jamaica.
1994                                                                       "Anna Livia" - multimedia performance based on J. Joyce's "Finnegan's Wake" with
                                                                               music by W. Kiniorski.
                                                                                Performance to music by S. Wunderlich at the Contemporary Dance Biennale in Poznan.
1995                                                                       Participation in the Progetto Arte Michelangelo Pistoletto in Munich (Marstal) and in Vienna.
1996                                                                       Ballet performance "Tombstones, Totems, Etchings, Dances" with music by
                                                                                 M. Krzyzanowski.  Warsaw, Wroclaw, Cracow, Italy, France.
1997                                                                       Performance with M. Choloniewski and W. Kazimierczak "Upside Down" within the
                                                                                 "AMONG OTHERS" project in Cracow, Dortmund and Gent.
1998                                                                       Spectacle "Madness and Devastation" with music by M. Krzyzanowski and video
                                                                               projection by J. Paszkiewicz in "Art-Night" in Wroclaw.
1999                                                                       "Sens V" performance within the frameworks of "New Art at Olsztyn Castle" with
                                                                                 music by A. Izdebski.
1999/2000                                                           Choreographies for advertising agency events.